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  • Seating GBGB17-131 Calm Bench One Seat GBGB17-131
  • Credentials Casegoods ACPWRT GUN ACC Power Unit ACPWRT
  • Seating GBGB17-153 Calm Bench Three Seat GBGB17-153
  • Seating GBGB17-142 Calm Bench Two Seat GBGB17-142
  • Credentials Casegoods ACWCB20 GUN ACC WALL MOUNT CANT BRACKET 20" ACWCB20
  • Seating GLGB17-123 Calm Lounge Three Seat Right Arm GLGB17-123
  • Seating ACPUNDER-EU-HW Perimeter Pwr Hardwire 1 Pwr + 2 USB ACPUNDER-EU-HW
  • Tables ACWM Beneath Worksurface Wire Manager ACWM
  • Seating GLGB17-181 Calm Ottoman GLGB17-181
  • Credentials Casegoods ACWCB15 GUN ACC WALL MOUNT CANT BRACKET 15" ACWCB15
  • Seating GLGB17-113 Calm Lounge Three Seat Left Arm GLGB17-113
  • Seating GLGB17-161 Calm Corner Left Arm GLGB17-161


The Gunlocke heritage has deep roots in Wayland, our New York community. One of our most valuable assets, the Gunlocke Brand, embodies our long heritage in this community and now around the world. Our brand is also our personality and our culture, the people who make up Gunlocke.

There is an attitude at Gunlocke that has become known as “the Gunlocke way.” It’s shorthand for our commitment to being relentless in delivering furniture that is rich in character and supported by exceptional service to our customers. From every person in our manufacturing plants and processes to everyone in our offices around the country, you can count on getting our very best products and our very best service. Always.

It’s the Gunlocke way.

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